Cactus Timelapse

by Bedroom Honesty

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an assortment of serious and not serious songs we made the past two years
and recorded all in one day


released April 24, 2017

isaac rojas -rhythm guitar and vocals (bass on brick ,drums on gypsy,and lead on colorblind
mitchell velazquez - drums and bass(rhytm guitar on gypsy and lead on on hold)

recorded mixed and mastered by ryan frailich and zak mouton

and culled cub for smoking us out while we recorded



all rights reserved


Bedroom Honesty Tustin, California

we make music for beautiful people
email us for show or anything at all <3
Email :

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Track Name: Cactus Timelapse
you sit at my window
you take in the sun
dont drink that much water
but your having fun

ohhhh calvin
ohhhh ohh oh x2

you stare at the people
you watch them walk by
they look back at you
and contemplate life

ohhhh oh calvin
ohhhhh ohhh ohh x2
Track Name: Colorblind
You left me blue
tired and confused
i was in the grey
with nothing left to say

i might be blind
but im feeling alright
im colorblind
but im seeing just fine

i miss you around
im stuck on ground
im lost in the white
with nothing to left hide

i might be blind
but im feeling alright
im colorblind
but im seeing just fine
Track Name: Brick
black mustang cigarette by a payphone downtown
i tired to track you down found you tweaked out
found yoru body dead and blacked out

ahh ahhh ah uh oh x2

ran down the halls killed a man guilt in my head
went to the pins house found a brick im in deep shit
now theres a war out here and theres blood on my hands
i need a cigarette someone give me a drag

ahhh ahh uh ohh ah eeee x2

i think i found you out cant believe you did me in
hoping this would work out
cops on their way for you
cant believe we had sex and you killed my girlfriend
Track Name: Bunk
im just trippin off lsd
wishing you were here with me
i just want you in my bed
and i think i might be dead

ohhh ohh oh x 4

im just tryna go to sleep
all these thought swont let me be
all my friend look weird
(unoffical lyric) lol

im just taking a walk
getiing home at 4 am
wake up and i feel weak
hungover and life looks bleak

ohhh ohh oh x4
Track Name: Death Lent Me His Scythe
death lent me his scythe
so i could kill all my friends
i dont love them anymore
i wish them all the worst

ohhhhh oh oh oh x2

i dont see them anymore
dont talk like we used to now
i think they've gone and changed

ohhhh oh oh oh uh x5 or 6 i think
Track Name: Gypsy Woman
mumble wumble

gypsy woman wont you tell me my fate
i wanna know will i end up in my grave

graveeeeee ehhhhhhh ehhhhhh ehhhhhhhh eh

gypsy woman wont you help me lift this curse
i feel it buring and its getting worse
wont you please help me i dont think i"ll survive

survieeeeeeeeeee iiiiiii eeeeeeeeeh
Track Name: Moochy
uhhh ohhh oh x2
hey you
huh what i do
you've been smoking all my weed
drinking drinking without me

uhhh the mooch
uhhhhh uhh fuck you
uhhh uhhh uhhh the mooch

uuhhh uhhh mooch
you've been sleeping on my couch
you've fiendin off of me
you've been eating all my soup
you've been you've been the mooch

uhhhh ohhhh oh the mooch
uhh ohh uhh fuck you
uhhh uuhh ohhhh uh the mooch
Track Name: On Hold
i've been dreamin of you
alive and in my room
signs of when you were there
remind me of my despair

i went to your tomb
tried replacing you
flowurs on your grave
death he laughs in my face
Track Name: Party
theres a body on floor oh ohh ohhh
he puking up a storm oh ohh ohh
he's jumping off the roof oh ohh ohh
he's more drunk than me and you oh ohh ohhh

ohhhhhhhhh ooh he's gone woo ohh oh

oh he's dead oh ohh ohh
he's lying on the floor oh ohh ohh
and he's drowing in the pool oh ohh ohhh
and its up to me and you oh ohh ohh

will you drive me home
its not that far

ohh ohh ohhh x4

i dont think that we'll make it
and were both lying naked
i dont think we'll make it home
i just wanted you to know
Track Name: R.I.P. Flowurs
flowurs in my head
flowurs are dead
im losing sleep
just let me be

flowurs in a grave
flowurs passed away
quit asking me
flowurs they weep
Track Name: Tubular
I feel left out ohhh oh oh
im in some doubt ohhh oh oh
im insecure ohhh oh oh
im tubular ohh ohh oh

at your house ohh oh oh
theres decor all around ohh oh oh
theres a party here ohh oh oh
pass me a beer ohhh oh oh

at your house now ohhh ohh oh
were making out ohhh ohh oh
we take a shot ohh oh oh
we get fucked up ohh ohh oh